Wednesday, August 10, 2016

My Fall Wardrobe Wishlist

I have found the following jumpers on Ravelry which I really want to knit for fall and winter this year:

This is the one that I am casting on presently, but with different sizes of wool for more texture. In fact, one is a cotton yarn and the other is Merino. I am using Katia Mississipi 3 and DiVe Autunno, my absolute favorite yarn in the whole wide world. It is a lofty single full of bounce to the ounce. I plan to knit with size 4 and size 6 needles. As the pattern is from Trove, it requires re-formatting to read it properly, which I have done, so I will share it here. All text came from Trove. Here is the link:|||l-decade=195

Here is my formatting:

Knit This Jumper In Bright "Diagonals" BELOVED dressmaker sweater which behaves like a blouse, looks wonderful with a skirt or under a suit coat. This one has pretty stripes-would look superb in black and white. MATERIALS: 6oz Patons 3-ply wool in white or main colour 2oz in red or contrast colour 1 pr. each Nos. 10 and 12 needles. MEASUREMENTS: To. Fit bust 34in; length from top of shoulders, 21in; sleeve seam, 6in. TENSION: 9 sts. and 11 rows to 1in. NOTE: Do not pull wools tightly on wrong side of work. Throughout pattern read main colour for A; and contrast colour for B. ABBREVIATIONS: K- Knit; P-purl; st.-stitch; patt.-pattern; beg.-begin- ning; tog.-together; in-inch; inc.-increase; dec.-decrease.
BACK: With No. 12 needles and A colour wool, cast on 108 sts. and work in K1, PI rib for 3in. Inc. 1 st in last st. of last row. Change to No. 10 needles and pattern; 1st row: With A wool K3, * B wool K1,  K3, repeat from * 11 times (51 sts.), B K1, A K2 (P1 for centre st.), A K2, ** B K1, A K3, re- peat from ** to end. 2nd row: Purl, working A and B wools in same sequence of colour as sts. on needle, knitting the centre st. 3rd row: A wool K4, * B K1, A K3, repeat from * to 2 sts. before centre st., B K1, A KI (A P1, centre st.), A K1, ** B K1, A K3, repeat from ** to last 5 sts, B K1, A K4. 4th row: As 2nd row. 5fh row: A K1, * B K1, A K3, repeat from * to 1st st. before centre st., B K1 (A P1, centr st. ** B k1, a K3 repeat from ** to last 2 sts, B K1, A K1. 6th row: As 2nd row 7th row: A K2, * B K1, A K3, repeat from * (to centre st A , P1), "* A K3, B K1, repeat from ** to last 2 sts, A K2 8th row: As 2nd row. These 8 rows form pattern
Keeping continuity of patt, inc 1 st each end next and every following 5th row, un- til there are 141 sts When 4 extra sts are made, a new stripe can be started
Continue to work in pattern until 13 1/2 in from commencement Then with right side facing
To Shape Armhole: Cast off 5st at beg of next 2 rows, then dec 1 st each end of every row until 121 st remain Work straight in continuity of pattern until back measures 20 1/2 in.
To Shape Shoulders Cast off 10 at beg of next 8 rows Cast off remaining sts

With No. 12 needles and A wool, cast on 116 sts. Work in K1, PI, rib for 3in.
Inc. 1 st. in last row and work in pattern as for back, increasing to 155 sts. When work measures same as back to armhole, shape as follows:
Cast off 7 at beg. of next 2 rows, then dec. 1 st. each end of every row until 133 sts. remain. Then divide for front opening and work yoke as follows:
With right side of work facing, work in reverse of stripes, i.e., pattern as for second half reading from centre st., B K1, being worked 1 st. in front of B K1 of previous row. Work thus over 66 sts.
Place remaining 67 sts. (Right Front) on st. holder for the time being. Turn and proceed on former set of 66 sts.
For Left Front Opening: Cast on 3 sts. and work these 3.sts. in garter st. Continue to work in reverse pattern on 66 sts., plus 3 garter sts., until work measures 18in from commencement.
To Shape Neck: Cast off 12 at neck edge, then dec, 1 st. at neck edge every row until 42 sts. remain. To shape shoulders, cast off 10 sts. At armhole edge 4 times. Dec. 1 st. at neck edge of next two
Right Front Opening: Slip 67 sts. from safety pin on No. 10 needle, point to centre.
Join wool, cast on 2 sts. With right side facing, continue thus:
1st row: K3. Work in reverse stripes, i.e., B K1, being worked 1 st. beyond B K1 of previous row, reading pattern as for first half. Continue to work the 3 placket sts. in garter st., and 66 sts in pattern,
shaping neck and shoulders to match left side.
With No. 12 needles and A wool, cast on 88 sts. and work in'K1, PI, rib for 1 in. "
Next row: P9, inc. in next st., * PI6, inc. in next st
Repeat from * to last IO sts, P10 (93 sts.). Change to No.10 needles and work as 1st pattern row over 46 sts (PI, centre st.), pattern over 46 sts Continue to work in the S pattern rows increasing 1 st both
ends of 8th and every following 4th row until 113 sts are on needle.
When work measures 6in, shape Top thus:
Cast off 7 st. at beg. of next 2 rows, then dec. 1 st. both ends of needle of every alt. row until 66 sts. remain. Then dec. 1 st. at each end of every row until 36 sts. remain. Cast off.
With No. 12 needles and A wool, cast on 142 sts and work in K1, PI, rib for 2 1/2 in
Cast off in rib with No. 10 needles.
Press work (omitting ribbing) with warm iron over a damp cloth. Back-stitch all
seams, as close to edge as posisible. Sew in sleeves. Lightly stitch the 3 garter st. borders either side of front openings on wrong side. Work 4 button loops on edge of right side of opening, and sew buttons on left side to correspond. Stitch cast-on edge of collar round neck. Press all seams.

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